We serve the Korean-American Community in Phoenix, AZ

​           미국 애리조나 한인 회계사, 세무사 사무소

From...Tax Advisory Specialist

Areas of Practice

Are you going to start a new business? Just let us know, we'll guide you to achve your goals, starting from one-stop incorporation services to the final mission completed.

Do you need tax services? or want to solve tax issues?  ​You have enough to worry about it. Please feel free to contact us. Well experienced practitioners are waiting for you.​​​​ Our Tax/Accounting specialists are ready to serve you at any time.   Thank you.                                                     

Payroll Update

미국내 법인 설립을 계획 하고 계십니까?

연락 ​주세요. 무료 상담 해 드립니다. 

​고객 여러분과 함께 Partnership mind로 생각하고 일하겠습니다.

We work as a team with you based on the partnership mind

고객의 개인 정보를 완벽하게 보호 해  드릴것을 약속 드립니다.

We promise you to protect your valuable information!

  • Tax Services (Planning & Compliance)

  • ​Tax Preparation

  • ​Bookkeeping & Write-Up

  • Sales Tax Services

  • Payroll Services

  • Incorporation

  • ​Reviews and Compilations

  • IRS and State/Local Representation


  Tax 보고시, Obama care 가입하신분들은 form1095-A를  가지고 오시기 바랍니다.


Maximum Refund 보장 합니다. 

We provide service using Quickbooks

​​IRS에서 감사 또는 Penalty 통보를 받으셨나요?  제게 연락 주세요!